About TDK Safaris

TDK Safaris boasts a team who is passionate about South Africa who will show you a side of Africa not many get to see. To them, it is more than the experience; it is the love of the land, the animals, the people, and the glorious African sky. In fact, TDK fully believes that South Africa will deliver an experience like none other.

 Lisa & Wes McArtor  – proprietors

Lisa & Wes, residents of Cave Creek AZ, have been married for over 25 years and have 2 sons, Josh and Dakota. Wes grew up hunting in Wyoming with his father, while Lisa grew up in Kansas, never having done anything like it. She has come to love the sport and enjoys this time with the family and with the clients. They believe that hunting is one of the best ways to spend time with their family and enjoy all God’s creations.

When Wes and Lisa went to Africa in 2009, it was a nerve-racking decision but an exciting prospect. The first thing they wondered was if it was affordable and were pleasantly surprised when they found out that it was. After the first trip, Africa was ingrained in them. The opportunity arose in 2012 to assist their friend and PH/Outfitter, Kevin Brits, with starting an outfitting business. In true Wes and Lisa style, they took the ball and ran with it. So, in 2012, while on a hunting trip they took time to check out some properties. Wes and Lisa were blessed to purchase a reserve the Limpopo province of South Africa, in the beautiful Waterberg mountains. They spent the first year building chalets, erecting safari tents, boosting the animal population, preparing for TDK Safaris’ endeavor.

Their love of Africa and the wonderful opportunity to share the African experience with others gives them great joy and they strive to make Africa an experience of a lifetime for all their clients. Hoping to instill in all those who book with TDK Safaris, the same love of Africa that they have come to know.

TDK Staff-2

Kevin Brits, Outfitter/PH


Kevin has guided in several Southern African countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. This has given him the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience on getting close to the different African species.  As your Professional Hunter and Outfitter, Kevin strives to make your experience a memory you will cherish forever.

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TDK Staff-9

Dakota McArtor, PH/Skinner


Dakota has been around the world and has hunted both with a bow and a camera. Over the years, Dakota has gained knowledge not only from his experience but the experiences of Kevin and Philemon. As you Professional Hunter/ Guide, Dakota will show you Africa through his eyes and make your safari a experience you will remember forever.

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TDK Staff-5

Philemon Mojela – Tracker/Skinner


Philemon, native to the Limpopo Province, was born and raised on a farm in Marken where his father worked. It is here while playing in the bush as a boy, is where he developed a knowledge of the land and behaviors of the wildlife.  He has worked the on the property for 12+ years and we are proud to have him on the team at TDK Safaris.

TDK Staff-4

Minette Brits  – Chef


Minnette, the better half of Kevin Brits, has a passion for animals – especially the small or sickly ones.  Her love of animals, and the land, blossomed while growing up on the family farm and continues to flourish as an adult.  Art is equally important to Minnette; so much so that before joining TDK she owned a craft school and taught various classes.  She now channels all her passions towards TDK clients, ensuring their stay is enjoyable as well as comfortable. To truly experience Minnette’s creativeness and care, take a seat at the dining table…YUM-MY!

TDK Staff-3

Willie  Brits  – Grounds & Camp Assistant


Willie is the father of TDK Outfitter and Guide, Kevin Brits.  Both are born and raised South Africans and share a love for the country’s national parks.  Willie, the son of a minister, spent many years living in different parts of Southern Africa – from Vryburg in the Kalahari to the copper belt region of Zambia.

Prior to “retiring” on Kudamela to be close to their son. Having previously been in construction, nowadays, Willie he is the primary caretaker of the camp and property.