The short answer. Yes.

But you’re not here for the short answer so here’s the long one.

Having your safari filmed, whether it be a photographic safari, golfari, or hunting safari, is just another step in preserving the memories for you and your family. Picture this; you are on the back of a safari vehicle in the middle of the Serengeti. Then, out of nowhere, a MASSIVE herd of Elephants strolls within yards of your bakkie, if you don’t know what that means (click here), and the Matriarch Trumpets cutting through the air and blessing your eardrums with a sound that not many get to hear.

Pictures will be great don’t get me wrong, but imagine you hired a videographer to film the safari and he captured that on video in full HD or 4k, with proper sound equipment, as well as drone footage in full HD or 4k. You can bring that home and relive that moment as you show your friends not just merely tell them about this intense and amazing sight that you witnessed.

Not convinced to film the safari yet? Maybe this scene suits you more.

You and your family have come to Africa for the first time on a hunting trip. Your son or daughter have possibly shot deer or elk in the states, but THIS IS AFRICA. It’s day 2, we have worked hard all day stalking different species, and we have finally gotten up close enough to be able to get a shot. Your son or daughter gets up on the sticks and takes aim. THEY DROP IT!!! You may have the trophy photo to remember this momentous occasion by but luckily you hired a videographer to film the safari. For the rest of your life, you will be able to watch over and over again, watching the excitement on your child’s face and they turn around and look at you with a gigantic smile, proud that they accomplished something with you at their side.

In the end, having someone film the safari is crucial to being able to relive it with so much more detail. To be able to be transported back to the exact place and time where everything took place. Professionally done videos and pictures can make all the difference in telling a story and letting someone experience it.

Some places charge $250/day to video your hunt. But if you hire our videographer, it’s $400 for a full edit of your hunt and $150 for raw footage. Which is a steal.

Head to our YouTube page to see just some of the videos we’ve put together for our clients. Be sure to notice how your thinking will change about whether you want your safari videoed or not.

Dakota McArtor

Dakota McArtor

Dakota has loved the outdoors from a very young age and TDK is a continuation of his dreams. During his time with TDK Safaris he has completed the South African Professional Hunter (PH) course. He has completed a special course on leopard hunting. As well as having received one on one training with Johan Marais, on how to handle Africa’s venomous snakes. Africa is an amazing country and he strives to create a lifelong memories for our clients.

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