Firearms Info

TDK Safaris will need to be advised at least two months in advance of the details on each firearm that you will be bringing into the country.  The required information needed will be:  type, caliber, make, model, serial numbers and amount of ammunition, per firearm, you will have with you.  We will also need a copy of your passport  and flight itinerary for the arrangement of temporary import permits. You need to submit this information to us by using the firearm importation permit application (SAP520);  download link located below in the Temporary Import Permit section. Correct rifles and calibers for the safari should be selected to cover the range of game the hunter wishes to take.  You will also need to fill out the 4457 form and have it stamped by a customs agent.

We recommend a scope-sighted rifle of around .30 caliber;  and for dangerous game a minimum of .375, but preferably bigger.  A shooting range will be available for the sighting in of rifles.

Temporary Import Permit

Complete the temporary firearm import permit application SAP520 – (download SAP520 here) – in advance, if possible and bring it with you.  It is important to note, that the form must be completed in black ink.   Please double check that all serial numbers MATCH on all forms.

Instructions for form SAP520

  • Completed form must be hand written or typed in BLACK ink.
  • Complete Page 2: Section E 2.1 to E 25.4 – Natural person’s details – (If married, please complete section 25)
  • Complete Page 4: Section G 1 to G 5 & G 8 to G 9.2 – Import/Export details
  • Complete Page 5: Section I 1.1 to I 5 – Details of firearms & ammo
  • Page 6: Section J: Signature of applicant – Must be signed and dated

You will also need:

  • Notarized/Certified Copy of Passport (photo and passport details)
  • Notarized/Certified Copy of Proof of Ownership of firearm(s) (depending Hunter(s) country
           USA: Complete Form CBP 4457 (download CBP 4457 here)
  • UK: Copy of your firearm license or certificate.
  • Europe: Firearms Possession License (Waffenbesitzkarte), or
  • European Firearms Pass (Europaeischer Feuerwaffenpass)
  • Other: A letter from your local sheriff or constable in the form of an affidavit confirming ownership, or
  • Invoice from a gun shop where you have purchased the firearm(s)
  • Copy of itinerary or airline ticket
  • Signed Mandate which we will send you

Invitation Letter from your Outfitter – on official letterhead complete with the following information (we will provide this to you)

  • Name of person being invited
  • Duration of the hunter’s stay
  • Registered Outfitter Number
  • Registered PH Number
  • The physical address(s) and telephone number(s) of the farm(s) where the hunt(s) will take place
  • Type of animals being hunted e.g. big game, bird shooting etc.
  • The recommended calibers required for hunt(s)
  • State that firearms will only be used for hunting purposes on mentioned properties
  • Date and signature of Outfitter

Important Information:

Only bolt and lever action firearms are allowed in South Africa. Semi-Automatic and Automatic firearms are NOT ALLOWED.

You are not allowed to possess more than 200 rounds of ammunition per firearm per person.

Handguns will be allowed into the country, but only for hunting or sport-shooting purposes. You will need the following:

  • A letter of invitation from the outfitter stating the handgun will be used for hunting purposes only.
  • A motivational letter from you stating that you will be using the handgun for hunting purposes and any other relevant motivation.

Maximum of four (4) firearms or shotguns, not more than one of the same caliber or gauge.

No ammunition for other firearms (not accompanying you) is permitted.

Firearms must bear the manufacturer’s serial number or any other mark by which the firearm can be identified. The identification number must be stamped and the mark affixed in the prescribed manner on the barrel, the frame or the receiver of the firearm.

Possible reasons why your application will not be approved:

  • If you have any of the above mentioned prohibited firearms and/or ammunition
  • If any of the supporting documents as required cannot be produced
  • If you are less than 21 years of age

If your application for a temporary import permit is refused, your firearms and ammunition will be confiscated and it will only be given back to you when you depart to your country of residence.

Any person under the age of 21 that wishes to apply for a temporary import permit, has to include a motivational letter with the application proving that he/she is a capable hunter. Any additional motivational letters from 3rd parties will help with the application.

Please take note that only the Central Firearm Registrar in Pretoria, South Africa can authorize special applications for the above restrictions. These applications have to be made in advance and must reach them no later than 30 days before your arrival. You will need a special motivation letter for this.

Remember the issuing of the Temporary Import Permits at the port of entry is FREE OF CHARGE. Do not tip or pay any SAPS Officer for this service. You should keep the permit with you at all times while in South Africa and when the firearms are in your possession.