Hunter Testimonials

A True Trip of a Lifetime | 2016

“Kim and I had an absolutely one of the best times ever. Everything from the food, to the company, to the animals was more than we could say. We were both able to take dream animals, (Kim’s kudu and my eland) which got each one of us pretty emotional. If we are fortunate and blessed enough we will definitely be coming back. God bless and thank you for everything. A true trip of a lifetime.”

Bobby and Kim Kondash

Wonderful Memories   |  August 2015


This has been an absolutely amazing trip with my Dad.  Before finding out that this trip was my graduation gift, I would have never dreamed I would get to go to Africa.  This has been the most exciting time of my life.  From sharp shooting Steenbok at 140 yards, to sitting by the camp fire and sharing old six-man football stories with Dakota.  It has all just been above and beyond my expectations.

Kevin and Dakota are some of the best hunters and overall people I have ever met.  Lisa, Dyllon, Minette, Jerry and Philemon are all so welcoming and so helpful with everything I do.  They are all truly selfless people and I couldn’t say enough good things about them.  Now I will go home with 7 amazing animals, wonderful memories of this hunt with my Dad and an experience of a lifetime.

This has truly been the best week of my life and I can not thank TDK Safaris enough for everything.


Noah Boriack



Great Time – Amazing Crew   |  August 2015


I loved the weather in South Africa, it was beautiful.  It was cold in the morning but hot in the Afternoons.  I enjoyed the time we spent relaxing by the fire after the days hunt. My Dad and I had a great time on the ‘walk and stalks’ and also when we had to wait patiently in the blinds.

I loved every minute in Africa and all the beautiful creatures.  My Dad and I were blessed to spend time together hunting these amazing animals.  It was a great  time getting to know everyone at TDK Safaris, the crew was amazing.

Thanks for such a wonderful experience!


Jona Peltier
Miss Redneck Royalty 2015 – Women Hunt Too



By Far, My Best African Trip   |  July 2015

I’ve always been under the belief that anything given away for free is probably too good to be true. On July 13, 2015, however, I learned that TDK Safaris is an exception to the rule. Having won their five-day safari contest through Facebook, I discovered, firsthand, that providing a top-rate safari experience is TDK’s main priority.

I can honestly say that this, by far, has been the best of my three trips to Africa – despite having paid top dollar for the first two with different outfitters. The food, hunting, accommodations, and family atmosphere far surpassed that of the other two places combined. The McArtor and Brits family and staff go above and beyond to ensure that their clients receive an experience they will never forget.

I highly recommend TDK Safaris for your first or next African adventure!

Stefon Pizzuto



Could Not Believe My Luck   |  May 2015

I was beyond excited to win the photo contest sponsored by TDK Safaris. I could not believe my luck. I was going to have the opportunity to hunt in Africa, a trip of a lifetime! The entire adventure was unreal, and even better than I expected.

The staff of TDK Safaris immediately became like family to me, they were welcoming and kind.  I learned so much while I was there from great professional hunters.  My PH not only helped me stalk and get my first kill but they explained details about each species and the land. One of my favorite parts was watching the trackers, they have an amazing talent and could see things that I never thought was possible.

I fulfilled my dream by getting my first two animals ever with a bow – a warthog and a gemsbok.  Just being in the fields and seeing the zebra, giraffe, and waterbuck was much better than I could have imagined.

The food preparation and presentation was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed sitting by the fire each night going over the details of the day. I am so grateful for TDK safaris who decided to give me this trip of a lifetime.

 Brette Anderson



Adventures Sunrise to Sunset  ~  First Bow Kill  ~  Amazing & Incredible   |  May 2015

Each day was an adventure.  Up before light to eat breakfast and head off to see a large variety of wildlife.  Everything from the sunsets to stalking to sitting and watching in the blinds was fun. We always looked forward to the meals that Minette and Lyn came up with – so delicious and different!  I would suggest never passing up a meal or dessert!

Friendly staff from the moment we stepped off the plane. We would not change a moment and the staff is wonderful.  Lisa makes the TDK camp a home away from home.  She has thought of many things that give a personal touch from “air freshener” in the room, decorated pillows and curtains to the “Welcome” sign we saw when we first drove up.  Minette and Lyn prepared the best of the best meals.  It was always fun to come back to camp and see what wonderful meals were prepared.  We had to take pictures they were so beautiful.

Kevin made hunting special.  I loved the hikes and the details on the different animal species.  We loved his stories and his family.  Dakota is willing to catch snakes, go night hunting and play cards.  Love him.  Philemon and Jerry were unbelievable at using skills that take a lifetime of training to learn.  It was fun to watch them do their job.  They found a wildebeest that Andrew shot with an arrow by tracking over a mile.  Dylan, great future as a PH.  He already has many skills ready to use.  We feel fortunate we got him during a school break.

Susan Anderson


I am so grateful I won the photo contest sponsored by TDK!  This trip has seriously been amazing.  I made my first kill with a bow and still can’t believe I even did it.  It’s beautiful here and the people are great!  Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity

 Brette Anderson


Dakota the “snake wrangler” is an amazing hunter.  I learned from every stalk we went on.  My constant questions never stumped him.  Maybe I’ll get him when we’re back.

Kevin!  Incredible tracking!!!  Thanks for the lessons

Andrew Anderson



Like Staying with Family  |  May 2015

The whole trip was awesome and it is very hard to pick a favorite.  From the moment we arrived it was a great adventure.  Shooting a Blesbok and huge Impala on the first day was terrific.  We hunted the next 3 days for a Gemsbok — walked a lot, getting very close to the group at least 3 times each day.  When we finally were able to get an open shot the adrenaline rush was unbelievable!!!  Jerry (my tracker) and Kevin were great!  Finishing with a big ostrich was the icing on the cake.

Great, great trip.  The bush camp has all the comforts of home and the whole staff made us feel so welcome.  John said it was like staying with family. From the minute we stepped off the plane we were taken well care of.  Lisa, Dakota, Kevin, Minette and Lyn were great as well as Kevin’s parents and kids.

We had a great time!

 John and Lisa Meyen
South Dakota



Came Back with my Buddy   |   May 2015

Came back for a third hunt with TDK – and this time brought my shooting buddy for his first African safari. We had a great hunt and super experience with everything – the hunting, accommodations, food and conversations. TDK’s PHs, Kevin and Dakota, are very-very knowledgeable and make it fun to hunt all the plentiful African animals.

Thanks to all the staff at TDK for the enjoyable time and super hospitality. I pray you have a great year and safe battles with the animals. And, Dakota, be on your toes with the snakes!  🙂


Will keep in touch,

Tom Henley



Most Wonderful Time  |  April 2015

Lisa, Kevin, Dakota and the rest of the crew:

BJ and I made it back just fine and are trying to get caught up. It is always hard to come back after a trip, so much to do, especially spring in Cody.

Just wanted to thank you all for a most wonderful time. Great hunt with great people. What more could you ask for.

Hope the rest of your season goes well for you.


Joe Tilden
Cody, WY


Expertise & Care  |  2014


This was our first trip to South Africa and a new adventure.  We were not sure what to expect but were pleasantly surprised.  We experienced perfect weather as the mornings started off cool but the afternoons warmed up nicely.  Each day was spent hunting, with good results.  My wife was taken one afternoon to spend the day at Bushwa spa.  She enjoyed the meal that was served there, the atmosphere and the services.

Kevin, Dakota and Philemon were instrumental in guiding me and making my hunt successful.  I was relieved by their expertise.   The TDK Team not only took care of my hunting objectives but looked out for my wife as well on the days she was not in the field with me.   We also enjoyed the food that was prepared by Minette and were surprised every day with something new.  My wife is waiting for the TDK cookbook.

We also had some comical moments which may be interesting to note — The white thing that sprays a mist in the chalet is not an air freshener, it is insect repellant.  Do not try to turn it off.  Also – the lights work even if the generator is off, no need to stumble around in the dark or with a flashlight.

We were surrounded by Kevin, Lisa, Dakota and Minette who all made our stay so comfortable.  Our entire experience was a highlight and we know that we have made some wonderful friends and we hope to return in the near future.

Finally, enjoy TDK! We did!

 Tim & Hardeep Avery


Extremely Knowledgeable  ~ Can’t Say Enough Good Things 

I had the pleasure of hunting with TDK Safaris. They were extremely knowledgeable. Kevin was a virtual encyclopedia of all the wildlife around us, and not just the species we were hunting.

Kevin made sure we were safe and well taken care of at all times. He taught us so much about the culture, food, history, land and the wildlife.

I have hunted Africa twice, New Zealand, British Columbia, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming. Kevin Brits is the nicest man I ever hunted with – he has a good heart and cares about others. I would hunt with Kevin again.

Jim Lee
Green River Wyoming

I cannot say enough good things about Kevin!

At the time, Jim Lee was hunting with Kevin, I had finished my hunt and went along as an observer on Jim’s hunt. I was the only woman on the hunt, and always felt safe and was treated with respect. Kevin is a true gentleman and did everything he could to make me comfortable as well as provide a good hunt.

I would recommend TDK Safaris to anyone, families and women would feel at home with their staff. Kevin is a good man and treats his clients like family.  I cannot say enough good things about TDK. I would like to hunt Africa again, and I would definitely hunt with Kevin.

(P.S. Kevin is a good driver! This is something I have found is not common in Africa!)

Sincerely, Vicki Fannin
Green River Wyoming


Super fantastic hunt   | October 2013

What a super fantastic hunt I had in October 2013 with you all.

The experiences I encountered were ones I will not forget!   I truly enjoyed everything at TDK-  the game, the hunting and all the wildlife,  the accommodations,  the meals,  Dakota,  Kevin.    Having the opportunity to hunt the Kudu, Warthogs, Blue Wildebeest, Reedbucks, Steenboks, Baboons, was a wish come true.   Oh,  the Black Mamba experience, was unbelievable.

For all of this–
I can’t begin to thank you all for the experiences that You all bestowed on me! Except. I can’t wait to do it again in 2014.  I still want to get a baboon. So I will return .

Thanks again for a very memorable hunt.

Tom Henley


Second Hunt with TDK   |  April 2013

I just completed my 2nd safari with TDK Safaris. Having now been on 12 safaris, I do understand there can be hiccups and situations on safari. I would like to express that ALL aspects of my hunt went smoothly and professionally. I could not be any happier with the success of my hunt. Dakota and Theo worked very hard to ensure I had a successful hunt. The amount and quality of game seen was simply beyond belief. I’m very much looking forward to booking my 3rd safari with them for next year, back up in Zimbabwe!!

Few things beat a good buffalo hunt!! Thank you Dakota and Theo for a wonderful safari!!!! 


Andrew Fike
Wilmington, NC 


Most Memorable  |  October 2012

This was TRULY one of my most memorable hunts in all of Africa.

TDK Safaris` camp and hunting area in Zimbabwe is my favorite Big game hunting destination – The Zambezi Valley is absolutely Magical and full of game it is over run with Elephants and Lion – and Lots of Leopard there as well.

I have actually seen Leopard running around in broad daylight on each of my trips there and Lion as well !!


Colorado Buck


Very Satisfied with TDK Service  |    2012

My name is Andrew Fike, and I am very satisfied with the service that TDK provided me.

On this particular safari I hunted for 2 of the Big 5 in the company of Kevin and Theo. With their assistance I did take an Elephant and 3 Buffalo bulls. I can attest to their professional abilities as very qualified Professional Hunters.

This was my 11th African safari and their abilities were as good as any Professional Hunter I have ever hunted with.

If I may be of any other service or you have any questions, please feel to address them to me at 

 Andrew Fike
Oakland, MD