located in the limpopo province of South Africa

The Limpopo province is a diverse ecological gem and deemed an extremely low-risk malaria area. Our area offers a large range of game as well as beauty in many different forms. We welcome the company of anyone who wants to enjoy the splendors of Africa.  All of your custom South Africa Safaris will be structured with the smallest details in mind. We take the needs of both the hunter and the non-hunter into account.

Our Professional Hunters

Our professional hunters have high standards when it comes to their knowledge base. They have taken the time over the years to learn about all things in the African landscape.They will share their knowledge and lessons they’ve learned on tracking, sign, and shooting tips for any style or method.

For the non-hunter who wishes to experience a different side of Africa, we can arrange excursions to different attractions.  Please click here to see all of our excursions. We can go to a Cheetah reserve an Elephant Interaction and interaction, zip line, crocodile farm, a spa day or local curio shopping.  The non-hunter is welcome to tag along if they wish to experience the hunt, or if they prefer, they can relax in camp and listen to the sounds of Africa. Whatever the case, we will make sure that they have a TDK team member with them at all times to assist with any needs.

Want to Learn More?

We look forward to having you in camp and sharing the experiences that only Africa and its’ natural wonders can give.