located in the limpopo province of South Africa

The Limpopo province is a diverse ecological gem and deemed an extremely low-risk malaria area. Our Primary area offers a large range of game species as well as beauty in many different forms. We are able to hunt the entire year, but the best time is the end of March through the end of September. Clients can hunt on a daily rate and shoot off the trophy price list. Alternatively, you can choose one of our packages or we can tailor-make an African hunting safari package for your needs.

Most of our hunting is done using the “spot and stalk” method, are fair-chase, and we do not shoot off vehicles. Shots will vary between 80 – 300 yards. Shooting sticks are commonly used in South Africa, so we urge you to practice shooting from bipod shooting sticks. For the bowhunters, we conduct our bow hunts from permanent and portable blinds, strategically placed near water holes. All blinds are placed to ensure that the average shot distance will be between 15 and 25 yards.

On a typical hunting day, you’ll be awakened early each morning by a member of the staff. Once dressed, you will join your professional hunter for coffee and breakfast, after which, hunting will commence. Roundabout noon we normally return to camp for lunch or depending on the hunt, a picnic-style lunch will be enjoyed in the bush or the blind for the bow hunters. At the end of a long day, dinner is enjoyed in our outdoor thatched dining area next to a campfire. After dinner, we relax around the campfire where we relive the days hunt before retiring to the comforts of your chalet for a well-deserved night’s rest.

Whether you are a single person, a group or a whole family with youth hunters, the TDK team is dedicated to make your African hunting safari the most amazing hunting experience ever.

Our Professional Hunter / Outfitter

Our professional hunter has high standards when it comes to his knowledge base. He has taken the time over the years to learn about all things in the African landscape. He will share his knowledge and lessons he’s learned on tracking, sign, and shooting tips for any style or method.

For the non-hunter who wishes to experience a different side of Africa, we can arrange excursions to different attractions.  Please click here to see all of our excursions. We can go to a Cheetah reserve an Elephant Interaction and interaction, zip line, crocodile farm, a spa day or local curio shopping.  The non-hunter is welcome to tag along if they wish to experience the hunt, or if they prefer, they can relax in camp and listen to the sounds of Africa. Whatever the case, we will make sure that they have a TDK team member with them at all times to assist with any needs.

Want to Learn More?

We look forward to having you in camp and sharing the experiences that only Africa and its’ natural wonders can give.