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Kevin Brits, Outfitter/PH

TDK Safaris - Hunting Guides

I have loved hunting for as long as I can remember.  My Father and late Uncle used to take me along on their hunting safaris and I cherish those times that we shared together.  Those childhood experiences and memories are the major reason I  decided to dedicate my life to professional hunting.

Born and raised in South Africa, I have had the opportunity and privilege to hunt in much of the country. After finishing school and two years of compulsory military service in the South African defense force, I started my training as a Professional Hunter. I also spent time doing  an apprenticeship as a diesel technician, which has come in very handy while in the African bush. I have also attained my Outfitters license. As a firm believer and advocate of conservation through sustainable utilization of our wildlife resources, I take the ethics of hunting very seriously.

I have hunted and guided in several South African countries such as, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. This has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience on hunting the different plains game species and has also allowed me to hunt big game.  With the support of my wife and family I have been able to live my dream and share my passion of hunting with other hunters from around the world.

As your Professional Hunter and Outfitter, I strive to make your hunting experience a memory you will cherish forever.


Dakota McArtor, PH/Skinner

I’ve loved the outdoors and hunting from a very young age and TDK is a continuation of my dreams. Hunting is truly the only sustainable conservation method available and has a proven track record of saving animals from extinction. I’ve always wanted to be a part of an organization on the front lines of wildlife conservation.  During my time with TDK Safaris I have completed the South African Professional Hunter (PH) course,  done a special course on leopard hunting and have received one on one training through Johan Marais with Reptile Ventures, on how to deal and handle some of Africa’s most venomous snakes.  I also spent 2 years apprenticing under our taxidermist partner, Geer’s Taxidermy.  Here I learned how to properly prepare your trophy to ensure a quality skin is received by your chosen taxidermist.

Having taken over 45 species around the world, I have a great deal of hunting experience and will use that knowledge to ensure you have a successful hunt. At TDK we pride ourselves on making each hunt the hunt of a lifetime and its our job to see that every aspect of your African experience is attended to.