We successfully hunted Impala, Kudu, and Zebra in 2 days! The interactive elephant excursion was great as well as the daily game drives. The best restaurant is onsite at the Kudumela Bush camp. Minette & Kevin do an awesome job! The zebra steaks were delicious and all the desserts were unbelievable. We were warmly welcomed and felt like part of the TDK family from the moment we arrived. We enjoyed the people, the hunts, the campfires, and everything else in our African Adventure.

-Craig, Eileen, & William

Arizona, usa

There were many favorite moments for me. The highlight, besides becoming apart of the TDK Family, was my Kudu Hunt. As a 4th grader I made a paper mache Kudu. I don’t know why except for the awesome lines on the hide. I was out on the second day with my PH (Dakota) and we were blessed with a perfect Kudu hunt! Everything went as planned and I am now the proud owner of a “REAL” Kudu!! The horns, the size, and the hide were way better than I could imagine. It was a very special and spiritual moment for me because of my Kudu project so many years ago. I can’t thank everyone at TDK enough for hosting me! Outstanding hunting and family experience. I will be back again and maybe bring my family to meet my new family in Africa.

Lindsay M.

Arizona, usa

It was amazing seeing all the animals, birds, and fauna while driving through TDK’s area. The first Golf course was a great resort, even though it ate our golf balls. The second however was much more open and what made it especially fun is Kevin and Dakota played with us! Celebrating Linda’s 79th birthday with Lisa, Kevin, Dakota, and Minette was a treat, and so was the cake. Minette’s meals were all so fantasitc. We couldn’t of asked for better.

Glee & Linda

Arizona, USA

Lisa makes the camp a home away from home. She has thought of many things that give a personal touch, from the air freshener in the room, decorated pillows and curtains, to the welcome sign when we first drove up. Kevin made hunting special. I loved the hikes and the details on the different animal species. Minette & Lynn prepared the best of the best meals. Phil & Jerry were unbelievable at using skills that take a lifetime of training to learn. It was fun to watch them do their job. 

I am so grateful I won the contest! This trip has seriously been amazing! I made my first kill with a bow and still can’t believe I even did it! It’s beautiful here and the people are great!

Dakota the “Snake wrangler” is an amazing hunter. I learned from every stalk we went on. My constant questions never stumped him. Maybe I’ll get him when we’re back.

The Anderson Family

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