Tipping Guide

First time clients normally get a little overwhelmed with all the variables involved with a trip to Africa. One of the most frequently asked questions is about tipping.  Below you will find our tip calculator to help you with this.  Hopefully this will simplify the process for you on how much of a tip you wish to leave and for whom. It is a good idea to check with us, in advance, as to how many workers/staff will be involved in the hunt but we have listed our staff below, for your convenience.

Tips are normally given in cash directly to each individual.  It can be difficult for some workers to exchange money, depending on the country, so it is always best to check beforehand on what currency is best (Rand is preferred).   Often times, clients may choose to leave a gift instead of a cash tip, such as a hunting knife, binoculars, etc.  Here at TDK Safaris, we do not have a preference.

That being said, it is our belief that tipping should only be for a job well done and is entirely at the clients discretion.  The quality of your entire hunt experience should be considered.  

If you are displeased with your experience, in any way, you should let us know immediately.


The TDK Team

Kevin Brits – PH / Outfitter

Dakota McArtor – Guide / Skinner

Philemon Majela – Tracker / Skinner

Juda  Monyeke – Tracker / Skinner

Minette Brits – Camp Chef

Willie Brits – Camp Staff

Selina – Camp Staff