Tipping Guide

Not sure who to tip or how much? Scroll down to the tipping guide below to easily calculate your tip amount.


We understand the variables involved with a trip to Africa can be overwhelming. For your convenience, we have listed our staff members below and given you a quick and easy tipping guide.

It is our belief that tipping should be for a job well done and is entirely at the clients’ discretion.   

Click here to contact us if you have any further questions and we will be happy to assist you!


The TDK Team

Kevin Brits – PH / Outfitter

Dakota McArtor – Guide / Skinner

Philemon Majela – Tracker / Skinner

Juda  Monyeke – Tracker / Skinner

Minette Brits – Camp Chef

Willie Brits – Camp Staff

Selina & Margie – Camp Staff